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  • Kuruluş Tarihi : 23 Mart 2010 Salı
  • Sermaye : 50.000,00 TL
  • Sicil Numarası : 729494
  • NACE Kodu : 351100
Elektrik enerjisi üretim tesisleri kurulması işletmeye alınması kiralanması elektrik enerjisi üretimi üretilen elektrik enerjisinin ve veya kapasitenin müşterilere satışı Faaliyet konuları ile ilgili olarak her türlü menkul ve gayrimenkul mal ve araç edinmek, bunları işletmek, satın almak, satmak. Met Group applies the science of management, technology and finance to build sustainable businesses achieving strong returns. We pride ourself by employing unparalleled industry expertise in the sectors we are active in, proven execution skills, and established investment banking and capital market relationships in conjunction with our acute understanding of current market trends in our active territories. Our philosophy of continually setting higher professional standards ensures that Met Group remain on the cutting edge. "Economic development,Energy and Environment will be governed by water availability globally." MISSION MetGroup of Companies’ mission is actively pursue and invest in viable business opportunities in water, food and energy generation for long term sustainable economic growth by deploying the state-of-the-art technologies and /or engineering solutions for minimum water consumption. In pursuit of this mission, we are dedicated to work with individuals/entities with the best know-how in their respective fields to build successful businesses. VISION Work towards the intersection of Economy, Energy and Environment at the national and global level, employing environmentally friendly technologies. Our world is rapidly changing. The pace of industrialization and urban growth put continuous pressure on natural resources each day. The challenges of meeting rapidly growing energy demand, feeding increasing population and keeping the water availability at sustainable levels required collaborative and integrated actions among all agents and organizations in our society. Met Group is committed to the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations into its core businesses while engaging key stakeholders and conducting business in a manner that maximizes positive impacts on current and future generations. Our Values We perform our commercial activities with the highest ethical standards. We abide by law in selecting our business partners and placing of business and do not favour specific vendors and/or contractors. We behave in the best interest of our shareholders by prioritizing value creation and avoid motives of self-interest. Integrity We are committed to integrity in all of our business interactions. Integrity ensures our credibility. We conduct all aspects of our dealingswith the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness. Confidentiality Mutual trust created is the sin qua non pillar of a successful mission. We put utmost emphasis on protecting the privacy of our business interactions, work and business partners. Each mission requires full commitment to total confidentiality by each employee involved. Teamwork The best performance comes from working together with colleagues and effective teamwork requires respect and sharing. We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organisational boundaries for the benefit of our business. We run for the common goal in a team spirit. We are ambitious and passionate about our work. Professionalism Professionalism guarantees the long-term sustainability of our business. We are committed to delivering the highest levels of performance in all of our endeavors. Our professionalism is a value that is synonymous with responsibility and reliability. We consistently strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable for continuous improvement.We deeply feel responsible and accountable to exercise good judgment and obtain guidance on proper business conduct. Metcap Energy Investments MetCap Energy Investments, the energy arm of Met Group is a reputable developer of natural gas, wind and solar power plants with over 3,000 MW of total capacity developed in energy investments in Turkey since 2005. Over the next five years alone, we will have developed and/or invested in a total capacity over 2,500 MWe in combined cycle natural gas and renewable energy power plants. "MetCap Energy Investments successfully developed over 3000 MWs since 2005" Project Dervish "Dervish will set the global standard for efficient energy integration" In response to the rapid demand growth in Turkey and with regard to the global call for greater energy efficiency, MetCap Energy Investments has developed Project Dervish, the ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) Power Plant, through the SPV Komet A.S. Wholly owned 500 ha project site, located in Karaman/Turkey, offers a prime location close to key export hubs, e.g. Syria and Iraq. As the first ISCC Power Plant in Europe, Project Dervish has a net output capacity of 1080 MW. Using the latest gas turbine technology, Dervish’s GE 9FB.05 GT, combined with wind (24MW) and solar (up to 50MW) power, Dervish generates1080 MW in combined cycle operation with an efficiency of over 59%. The Project is planned to start feeding into the grid in Q2 2016 and have an annual electricity generation capacity of approximately 8,500 GWh. Please see below for technical details and project highlights. eSolar MetCap Energy Investments together with GE has entered into an investment and licensing agreement with California-based eSolar that enables the new venture to deploy Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) technology to customers worldwide. eSolar is a provider of next-generation, tower-based concentrating solar thermal technology. MetCap Energy Investments co-invested in eSolar with GE. MetCap Energy Investments developed the first integrated solar combined cycle power plant (Project Dervish) in Turkey utilizing eSolar’s award-winning technology: 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award 2010 Renewable Energy World’s “Renewable Project of the Year” 2009 Power Engineering “Best Renewable Project of the Year” Agromet “We are committed to high quality and sustainable agricultural production, with particular regard to water use” Agromet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Met Group, is engaged in large scale orchards and crop farm investments across Turkey, and actively seeking opportunities for agribusiness investments abroad. We seek agribusiness investment opportunities that are in line with Agromet's four core principles: 1) Economies of scale and use of advanced technologies, 2) Vertical integration and possible synergies with other MetGroup businesses, 3) Visible return on investment potential, 4) Favorable local demand, export potential and alignment with global trends. Agromet‘s primary strategy in fruit orchards and crop farms is to sustain a production of high quality/value added fruit, crops, animal feed and dairy products made available at competitive prices through economies of scale and use of advanced technologies. On sizable agricultural lands in Thrace and Central Anatolia, Agromet is engaged in the production of a range of crops including apples, wheat, sunflower seed and corn.

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